Area of Interest /Specialization : Developmental Entomology
Date Of Joining:  07-06- 1993
Teaching Experience: UG 23 YEARS PG 18 YEARS
Research Experience: 10 YEARS
Research Guidance:  2 M.Phil Guidance

Publication Books

1. Animal behavior and wild life, ISBN-978- 81-906498- 7-2
Publisher- Anusandhan Prakashan Kanpur year 2006

2. Principals Of Laboratory Techniques And Method – ISBN-81- 8189-173- 2
Publisher – International Book Distributing And Publishing Company, Khushnuma        complex-7 Meera bai road. Year 2007

3. Practical Zoology for B.Sc. III
Publisher- High Tech Publishing Company, Year – 2012

4 – Text Book Of Molecular Cytogenetics- ISBN- 978-93- 80428-79- 6 (H.B.)
ISBN 97893-82471- 01-1 (P.B.)
Publisher- Narendra Publishing House, Delhi 110006, year 2012

5 – Cell Biology And Genetics, Publisher – Daya Publishing House

6 – Royal Series Zoological Science Biotechnology, Immunology Biological Techniques And Bio Statistics Vol– 1, ISBN 978-93- 83138-17- 3
Publisher- New Royal Book Company Lucknow, year 2014

7- Royal Series Zoological Science- ISBN-978- 93-83138- 28-9
Publisher- New Royal Book Company Lucknow year – 2015

8- Principals Of Laboratory Techniques And Method- Revised Second Edition,ISBN-13978- 812-39268583 & ISBN-10812- 3926855
Publisher- C.B.S. Publishing House New Delhi, Year –2015


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2 Meena Srivastava, Archana Rajan; Insecticidal Potential Of Parthenium Leaf Extract Against Cabbage Butterfly Pieris Brassicae Lin (Lepidoptera:Pieridae) pubished in proceedings of national Seminar on zoology and human welfare held at S.P. Mukharjee degree college november 2004 pp


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12 Neelima Ansul, Meena Srivstava, D. Singh. Histopathological Effects Of Artemisia Annua Extract On The Midgut Of Helicoverpa Armigera Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). J.ent res., 39(1), 5-5,2015

Paper Presented In Seminars/Conferences

Paper Presented 20 and Attended Seminars 50


National children science congress district academic coordinator for last 10 years.

Book editing – 2
Fellow award academy of environments biology 21.12.2015 at Thakur college of science and commerce (international conference).

Invited Lecturer 10

State level workshop attended 06 District level training 09

Workshop /Seminar /Symposium Organized

3 National seminar Organized As Convener

3 District Level NCSC Teachers Training Workshop Organized ,

3 District Level students Project Presentation NCSC Workshop Organized

Affiliation /Member Of Learned Societies /Magazines

1. Indian science congress association : life membership reg. L010460 code no 10297

2. Entoman : life membership (2004) published by association for advancement for entomology dept. of zoology Univ. of Kerala, Kauavaltun Trivendrum , India

3. Indian journal of entomology: published by entomological society of India, division of entomology, IARI. New Delhi membership since 2008

4. Journal of insect science: published by Indian society for the advancement of insect science , Punjab Agricultural Univ. Ludhiana; life membership since 19.06.2009

5. Journal of neuroscience : published by Indian academy of neuroscience IITR Lucknow since 2008

6. The academy of environmental biology ref. 650/2011